What guides Save the Children’s approach to MHPSS?

Save the Children advocates for a coordinated, holistic response that supports those facing adverse experiences. The essential ingredients of this response are found in three key organisational and global frameworks:


What are Save the Children’s Operating Principles?

Each sector plays a complementary role in ensuring the dignity, agency and well-being of all participants in Save the Children’s humanitarian and development programmming. MHPSS should be integrated into all sectors, operating over the life course of children, families and communities. Each intervention should follow Save the Children’s operating principles.

See “What is Save the Children’s Approach?” in the Technical Guidance to see how MHPSS fits into Save the Children’s Priority Areas of Focus, Common Approaches, and 2022-2024 Strategy.

What is the MHPSS Pyramid of Intervention?

The MHPSS Pyramid of Intervention represents a “continuum of care,” a layered system of complementary supports that can meet the mental health needs of different people and groups. The pyramidal shape demonstrates the typical proportion of people who will require certain supports in a given context.


See “MHPSS Pyramid of Intervention” in the Technical Guidance for more information on the types of services provided in each layer.

See the Sector-specific MHPSS Recommendations in the Technical Guidance for how to integrate MHPSS into your sector’s programming at each level of the pyramid.




What is the Socio-ecological Framework?

The Socio Ecological Framework views children within the context of their families, communities and wider society. It acknowledges the role each layer plays in mitigating risk, promoting protection, and supporting the healthy development and well-being of children. All layers of the framework must be considered when designing and implementing programmes and interventions.

Socio-ecological Framework

See Socio-ecological Framework in the Technical Guidance for specific activities that can be taken to strengthen MHPSS at each level of the framework.


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