Theme-specific MHPSS Recommendations

Different life experiences and situations (presented here as ‘themes’) expose children and families to different risks. The sections that follow present some of the interventions that can be used to support the unique mental health and psychosocial needs of people affected by specific themes.

More detail on theme-specific causes, effects, and interventions can be found in Section 4 of the full Technical Guidance: ‘How do we integrate MHPSS into our thematic work?’

Select a theme below:

Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Union (CEFMU)

Child, early, and forced marriage and union (CEFMU) has serious consequences for the short- and long-term mental health and well-being of girls and, to a lesser extent, boys.

Children Affected by Armed Forces and Armed Groups (CAAFAG)

While associated with armed forces or armed groups, children are at great risk of potentially traumatic events as a direct target, perpetrator, and/or witness to physical, psychological, and sexual violence and atrocities.

Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV)

Depending on the cultural context, SGBV survivors, their families and their immediate communities may face social exclusion, isolation, discrimination, loss of dignity, further violence or even threats to life.

Children Facing Loss and Grief

The loss of loved ones, familiar places, or a sense of identity and control creates a sense of grief, increases children’s risk of prolonged emotional and physical pain, and exacerbates pre-existing mental health conditions.

Disability Inclusion

Children and caregivers who have physical, cognitive, and/ or psychosocial disabilities often experience discrimination, exclusion, and other rights violations that cause high levels of personal and familial distress.

Children on the Move

Although the reasons, patterns and consequences of children’s movement are diverse and complex, many of the risks they face are universal.

Shelter and Settlements

Living conditions have a significant impact on people’s ability to cope with and recover from crisis.